Author: fayhamd

Like You

People like you bother me Selfishness and wannabe People like you disturb me With a nagging frequency Always are asking for more While you are an absentee Constantly taking the credit Your games are very dirty You care about what’s in mirror And no one else do you see Asking others for favors Returning you

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كلماتٌ حائرة

ماذا أقول لك يا سيدتي فقد عجزت كل أبجدية
وقفنا جنباً لجنبٍ على طرفِ وادي التَيم العذيّة
تحلق عيناي المغمضتين معكِ إلى مخيلةٍ ثرية
نمشي معاً يدً بيدٍ على شطئان الأحلامٍ الوردية

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A collection of poems about the homeland, family and love. They are full of the contradictions of patriotism and treason, love and hate, promises and betrayals like the sophisticated life we all suffer enjoyably. Fayha is an old name for Damascus, the city were I was born. It is where I spent my childhood and

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A Flashback

After spending few minutes suffering from the few who decided to protect planet earth by saving on the use of shower and deodorant, I was standing between two flights of stairs separating two of the colorful rooms at Powell’s Book. There were some shelves displaying some of the best sellers. I was browsing George Carlin’s book “Last Words”, when

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