East Ghouta

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Act One

She is drunk by starvation

She staggered down the stairs

The naked ten year old building

In an obscure Damascus suburb

Is made of brick and cement

The stairs are unfinished

The walls are full of holes

Act Two

She walked into the banquet hall

Up the few marble steps

The Lavish five year old building

In the suburb of Chicago

Was built like a palace

From Arabian nights

Perfection with details

Sparkling everywhere

Act Three

Her shaky arm is surrounding

Her seven year old son

She covered her head

With a brief scarf

A lock of gray hair escapes

The gray burnt her hair

in the last two years

Two years like twenty

Act Four

Her highlighted blond hair

Has just been done

The fanciest hair salon

She is always a patron

With bright red lipstick

And a heavy mascara

Looking as young

As twenty years ago

Act Five

Her hands are shaking

Tanned and wrinkled

Dirt under fingernails

Smell of sweat

No water for days

No clothes to change

The son is the same

He is all she’s got

Act Six

He kissed her hands

Toned and smooth

A big diamond ring

Expensive perfume

A plush dress

One of many

Other hand is with her husband

Son and daughter are by her side

Act Seven

All She hears

is her son panting

And outside the building


Interrupted by occasional

Blowing sound and some

Yelling and screaming

And landing debris

Act Eight

The music is loud

Bethoven and Chopin

The stage is vast

It is a fundraiser

To help the displaced

And the unfortunates

Everyone is calm,

Smiling and laughing

Act Nine

Out of the doorway she peaked

Son is behind

She needs to cross

To the other side

There may be food

May be breakout

Bodies are everywhere

Rubbles here and there

Act Ten

They are seated at the table

Food is everywhere

Water and drinks

Jewelries and glasses

Sparkling all over

A man up front

Showing some pictures

She is disturbed

Act Eleven

She attempts to cross

Protecting her son

Tripping over rocks

She falls to the ground

Little she notice

Her son is still standing

She looks back

Maroon is everywhere

Act Twelve

He shows a picture

A mother holding her son

His body is in her lap

Surrounded by rubbles

River of tears

Drenching a lock of gray hair

Looking toward the sky

In disappointment


She is more disturbed

Covering her daughter’s eyes

She wants to help

He says ten dollars

She raise her paddle


They pack and go

In their Mercedes


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