Memories from Syria 4.0

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There was this group of four guys in his class that he wanted to join so badly: Fadi, Ayman, Farid and Bashar. In his view, they were well-read, smart, and creative guys. They used to discuss solving the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle and the Egyptian pyramids and other cool mysteries. Besides, he really liked them a lot. He was trying to do all kind of things to impress them. When he used travel to Beirut with his mother to visit his grandmother, he used to go to one of the big bookstores and try to get some of the books about ancient and current mysteries.

He used to discuss with them some of the facts that he read about these mysteries. Whether he was truly interested in these mysteries or it was just curiosity, he certainly wanted to join the group. He was bored of his one friend who did not have much of anything in common with except for sharing the same classroom table. He was elated when they told him that they “voted” to add him to the group.

Since then, they met once a week or so to discuss these various mysteries. Soon after, these meetings evolved into chances to play cards and then later on the board game ‘Risk’. This was specially true after a new guy joined the group. Nader was born to a well-known Syrian heart surgeon and an American mother. He lived his early childhood in America. His Arabic language was little broken but this did not change the fact that he was smart and had seen things that they never seen. He and Nader became close as they used to take the same school bus and come off at the same stop. They would talk for a long time about all kind of things. Despite that his four brothers lived in the US, it was in these talks when he learned about the US culture and dreamt truly about living there.

The group of six became close friends specially during 11th grade. He moved to sit next to Bashar. Bashar was very funny and he thought that they got along very well. In front of them was Farid and Ayman. Fadi used to sit in the back with his old friends from middle school and Nader also sat in the back. The four sitting in the middle of the class room formulated a power house of quiet fun during classes. His favorite time was when they used to review each other’s papers during exams. Ayman was more strict about this but the other three were very sneaky. The recess time was mainly time for chat and fun. Sometimes, they played football (soccer) with a ball made of papers and tape! But mostly, they used to walk and talk. They wanted to create rules and regulations for their group but every time they have tried to get serious about that, it only lasted few day. Mainly, all their talks were just fun. They talked about classes, teachers, girls, and his favorite thing was when they used to change the wordings in Arabic poetry into other juicy meanings or naughtily explained what the poet “really” meant!

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