Memories from Syria 3.0

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Damascus 1987, Laïque school

His class had the brightest kids in his grade. There were two boys in the class that did not really belong there, Samer Douba and Hafez Makhloof. Samer was the son of one of the closest intelligence officers to the president. While Hafez was the son of the president’s brother in law (cousin of the current president). They both got into the first section not by their grades but by connection and cheating. It was obvious that Samer was not that smart but in the national ninth grade exam he had the highest score IN THE WHOLE NATION! Rumor has it that he was given the questions and the answers.

Our protagonist totally believed that Samer could not have had even memorized the answers and must have had someone else sitting for him during the exam or some other “magic” working for him. He also felt that he was obnoxious. Hafez on the other hand, was more of a modest guy and did not like to show off much. At least that’s how he behaved himself. Of course they both had few guys sucking up to them but our protagonist was not one of them. He chose to ignore that they are even with him in the same class. He cannot forget, however, what happened one time during recess. He was walking with his friend and had to stop because his friend wanted to talk about something with Samer’s friend. While chatting, he offered Samer a cookie that he bought from the school store. “Save them for your hunger!” Samer arrogantly answered.

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