Memories From Syria 1.0

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Damascus 1985

The little fifteen year old boy was standing in the mix of a chaotic crowd in front of the window of the bakery with one Lira in his hand trying to get the family’s government-allocated daily five loaves of bread. Everyone was yelling and sometimes begging to get their allocation. He was puzzled why few people were able to get inside the bakery and get more than their allocation while everyone else had to stand outside with the crowd in sizzling sun. He thought that the guy at the register had finally noticed him and was going to give him his allocation but as he was extending his hands to grab them, another arm jumped over and took the bread and threw a Lira to the guy at the register and left. The boy kept standing there waiting once again to be noticed. He did not see it coming when the guy at the register grabbed the scale pan and hit him on the head. “Get out of here you dog, I just gave you your allocation!” said the angry old man! The boy walked home empty-handed with tears in his eyes

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