Like You

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People like you bother me
Selfishness and wannabe
People like you disturb me
With a nagging frequency

Always are asking for more
While you are an absentee
Constantly taking the credit
Your games are very dirty

You care about what’s in mirror
And no one else do you see
Asking others for favors
Returning you don’t foresee

You want raises and bonuses
But your work is very flimsy
Blame them for your mistakes
They are your responsibility

People like you bother me
It is childish and selfishly
Riding on back of others
Acting vain and carelessly

You’re conduct flusters me
World revolves around thee
Always you’re asking for more
Offering isn’t in your vocabulary

You’re leadership’s empty
Arrogance and grandiosity
Heading is not your quality
Chaotic but “look at me”

Your teamwork is lacking
Your actions are very selfish
“You should all be ashamed!”
Is your word when you finish

Your games are over now
Your lies are in the open
No one will buy them again
Your great statue is broken

All rights reserved 6/21/2017

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