Moment of eternity

Separated By Eternity

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It has been many years since I abandoned you, my love!

And now, we are separated by oceans and eternities

I left you because I wanted you but could not afford you

I ran and ran trying to be better

So that one day I can be ready for you.

I found myself like a race horse running in a track

Surrounded by cheering crowds

From race to race, I lost count but I also lost the target

Every time I finish a race I grow further away from you

And you become out of my reach

When I left I told you wait for me

but I didn’t realize that by leaving you

I was throwing you in the laps of the watchful monsters

They kidnapped and raped you virgin beauty

And we became further apart like never before

You are, now, like a prostitute in their bars but I can’t blame you

I blame myself

I stopped by your window but I didn’t recognize you

We were both strangers

Damascus, my love, where are you?

I miss the memories and the time I spent on your roads and alleys

But we are moving in opposite ways

I am still running and when I have the chance to look back

I see the monsters dragging you in the horizon far faraway

Time cannot bring back the memories

It can only bring us further apart!

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